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Captain Monday Morning by Drakeven Captain Monday Morning by Drakeven
I've been invited to play a Pathfinder Module "Skulls and Shackles" which is all about PIRATES AND STUFF. So I decided to make a pirate. I still have yet to try and design the sword, so this is a sort of WIP, but I'm going off to New Zealand soon and I just wanted to get this uploaded. I'm still not sure about the sword... She has a squid theme. Ignore the pattern on the belt, it looks a bit like a penis but... whatever. Here's her backstory anyhow! 

"Miss Monday Mourning was a proper girl raised in a well off family in a mansion. The mansion was situated at the top of a small but profitable fishing town, and thus the men of the family were all raised to be in charge of the various fishermen of the village, and the women all raised to marry proper rich men to maintain the high standards of the family bloodline. Every night before she used to go to bed, her grandfather used to tell her of her great pirate ancestor "Captain Tomorrow Morning" who was a swashbuckling adventurer of the high seas. Monday was always inspired by this, but in her teenage years her Grandfather died in an unfortunate Carolina Rig accident.

Monday realised that the wealth that she had enjoyed from her family, all came from the loot that her ancestor plundered long ago, and became saddened and ashamed at the decadence and arrogance of her family. She decided she would prove herself a worthy ancestor, cut her hair and masqueraded herself as a Man of the Morning family. Thus with the most pirate-ie clothes she could find in her room, a few gold scrounged from around the house and a head filled with old pirate legends she began her trek to restore the Morning family as a name that instils fear and respect of all that live on the coast of the Sea.

The first step- was to find her families sword that was sheathed and forgotten so long ago." 
Drakeven Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That thing in her hat is supposed to be a coin by the way! 
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